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Literaturtheorie III

Vorlesung, Sommersemester 2016


Course Outline

This course offers a survey of the main trends in twentieth-century literary theory. Lectures will provide background for the readings of literary texts. Recurrent questions of these lectures are: what is literature, how is it produced, what is its function and what is its purpose?


In this class we will examine the ways in which we read. Lectures will introduce some of the different strategies of reading, comprehending and engaging with literary texts developed in the twentieth century. We will pay special attention to structuralist and post-structuralist theories, such as semiology, deconstruction, discourse analysis.
The lecture will be held in German.

Course Schedule

1: Einführung: Strukturalismus und Poststrukturalismus
2: Gilles Deleuze: Was ist Strukturalismus?
3: Roman Jakobson: Selektion und Kombination
4: Roland Barthes: Die strukturalistische Tätigkeit
5: Roland Barthes: Mythen des Alltags
6: Roland Barthes: Der Tod des Autors
7: Roland Barthes: S/Z
8: Jaques Lacan: Das Spiegelstadium
9: Jaques Lacan: Das Seminar zu E.A. Poes „Der entwendete Brief“
10: Jaques Lacan: Die Sprache und das Unbewusste
11: Michel Foucault: Die Ordnung der Dinge
12: Michel Foucault: Die Ordnung des Diskurses
13: Jacques Derrida: Die différance
14: Jacques Derrida: Die Struktur, das Zeichen und das Spiel
15: Was kommt nach dem Poststrukturalismus? Abschlussdiskussion

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